One woman. One world.

Save the date for MARCH 2016!

Because every woman can make a difference in our world.

One person or one community at a time.


Health & Wellness  °  Social & Business Entrepreneurship  °  Global Community

MARCH 8TH 2015 at the Gideon Putnam Resort  Saratoga Springs, NY

(11-12:30 program)

*In An Instant  Author, mother and CBS This Morning contributor Lee Woodruff created a foundation for wounded veterans with husband/ABC News journalist Bob Woodruff after his traumatic brain injury and recovery from a roadside bomb while covering the Iraq war. If you are a woman in today’s world, chances are you too have become a multi-tasking maniac, with much pressure to do everything well. With a bit of humor, Woodruff connects the commonalities of being a daughter, mother, friend, working woman and caregiver.

*Building a Life That’s True to You  Author, global speaker, playwright, actor and marketing-to-women expert Mary Lou Quinlan’s latest book, The God Box, became a New York Times bestseller in just three weeks. She shares unique insight from her corporate and life make-overs, and offers 5 “half truths” that keep us from building a life that’s true to who we are.

*But What’s the Truth? Weeding through the Health Information Maze  With a doctorate in bioethics, Benita Zahn isn’t your average health reporter. With a smart, witty conversation, she’ll share how to evaluate reported studies, ask the right questions, grasp the useful, credible takeaways.


(2-4 pm program)

Dreams to Action – “from the sofa” conversations

*Why You Need A Personal Mission Statement: Tracy Higginbotham, founder of Women TIES, Together Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success, has been empowering and supporting NY women entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. 

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs: Jennifer Regelski, how Key Bank’s Key4Women program helps accelerate and support success. 

Are You Certifiable: (Certified Women Owned Business) Claudia Ryan & Susan Bartkowski, Towne Ryan & Partners, 

Transforming Stories of Change  

*Regina Calcaterra’s memoir “Etched in Sand” is a life-changing read of triumph against all odds that reached #2 on the NY Times bestseller list. It leaves us believing that any act of care toward a child in need – even for just a moment in time – can have life-long positive effects. Regina, an accomplished public and private sector attorney, foster care advocate, and recipient of numerous humanitarian awards, will lead a moving conversation that will result in us seeing and acting differently. A compelling primer on how we can engage to change individual lives and communities. 

*“Drilling for Hope” author and social entrepreneur Karen Flewelling shares her philanthropic outreach story of bringing sustainable water solutions to impoverished communities around the globe. A retired teacher, Karen’s organization of the same name has funded wells, educated children, donated goats, pigs, chickens, school supplies, soccer balls and food and medicine in 13 countries. 

Networking and book signings with additional guest authors, entrepreneurs and survivors who have extraordinary inspiring stories. 

AND If you missed this Exclusive Pre-event Benefit PERFORMANCE for Code Blue Saratoga, take a look online at

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